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x-INNOVATIVE and DECENTRALIZED crypto currency that have the bases (fast, secure and anonymous transactions, low fees) to become the best digital payment asset for buying/selling goods and services around the world. NYX will also be the starting point around which we will create a complex system of tools and services for ecommerce, trading and crypto world-x.

We manage to join crypto with online world and for the development of NYX Projects we created a team of crypto developers, online marketing experts, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, web developers and designers that work together for a guaranteed SUCCESS.

Investment And Community

In the first year the coin will work mainly as an investment asset. In this period the main focus will be on securing the network and give it strength and stability. All this will be possible via the Decentralized Masternode Network and by building a strong community of investors and not only. The investors will be rewarded for their services of running masternodes by the masternode reward system.

Crypto World Services

NYX COIN will be the starting point of a few online services that our team will design, develop and implement for the crypto world. Some of them are already in the design phase like NYX MASTERNODE SERVICE STATISTICS which will be a service that provides statistic data for different coins masternodes, monitoring service and in the future also masternode hosting services. After the implementation of these services our team of online marketing experts and seo specialists will drive it towards No 1 in the industry.

NYXCOIN will be the main payment option for our services. This will increase the value as it creates a self sustaing market. Other crypto projects will be released after this.


Once we have established a strong coin with a great community behind it, we will start the next phase of the project in which we will create a Payment Gateway and start to push NYX COIN as a digital payment asset. To ensure the success of this stage, besides the fast, secure, anonymous and stable NYX COIN network ,we will also create a variety of tools for sellers and buyers. ( sellers: NYX payments add-on and plugins for all major eCommerce CMS’s, Payment API for website integration, etc and for buyers: IOS/Android wallet, web wallet, etc).

The implementation of NYXCOIN as a payment option will add value and demand, increasing its overall sustainablity as a digital asset.

Exchange and Trading

In order to achieve our goal of creating a project that unites the financial, crypto and online communities, we will develop an online platform that will start as an exchange where clients can trade any crypto coin and top 3 currencies for NYX. After we have a stable and secure platform that is created around NYX COIN, we will start to study and analyze the possibility of adding goods and more physical currencies.

This project will be a milestone for NYX, but with our constantly growing team and the help of the community we will get there and everyone will benefit.




NYXCOIN Specification

Symbol: NYX
Algorithm: NeoScrypt
Type: POW + Masternode
Max coin supply: 30.350.000 NYX
Block generation: 120 seconds
Decentralized Masternode Network
Masternode Collateral: 1000 NYX

Blocks Reward Reward Distribution
Miner Masternode
1 - 64800 10 NYX 20% 80%
64801 - 129600 15 NYX 30% 70%
129601 - 262800 20 NYX 40% 60%
262801 - 525600 10 NYX 40% 60%
after 525601 -10% / year* 40% 60%
*) Starting with block 525601 the reward will decrease by 10% every year

Premine ~3%
RPC port: 4331 | P2P port: 4330



NYXCOIN info charts

Network Hash Rate



Help the network and you will be REWARDED

Current Masternode ROI: 0% Get yours Now

Join our community and invest in NYX

MASTERNODES secure the blockchain and provide different services for the network like instant transactions, privacy and for this, each masternode receive a financial compensation, so called rewards.

To create a masternode an investor need to block 1000 NYX as collateral deposit that can be considered as an investment since he will be rewarded in NYX coins for this.

1000 NYX

Masternode Details

Deposit for Masternodes 1000 NYX
0,00 USD
0,000029000 BTC
Online Masternodes 704
Exchange: NYXCOIN / BTC: 0,00000003
NYXCOIN / USD: $0,00

Masternode Profit Simulator

Daily Monthly Yearly
$0.0 $0.0 $0.0
0.00 NYX 0.00 NYX 0.00 NYX
0.00000000 BTC 0.00000000 BTC 0.00000000 BTC

Current Masternode ROI: 0% Get yours Now

Join our community and invest in NYX


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Wallets available for Windows, Linux, MAC, Rassbery Pi

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Our Projects

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MN Stat A NYXCOIN Project

MN Stat by NYXCOIN strives to be the leading Masternode Statistics service provider in the field. With a dedicated team working diligently on new and improved reporting software, MN Stat will provide accurate and in-depth statistics in real time

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