Help the network and you will be REWARDED

MASTERNODES secure the blockchain and provide different services for the network like instant transactions, privacy and for this, each masternode receive a financial compensation, so called rewards. To create a masternode an investor need to block 1000 NYX as collateral deposit that can be considered as an investment since he will be rewarded in NYX coins for this.

Masternode Details

Deposit for Masternodes 1000 NYX
0.25 USD
0.000030000 BTC
Online Masternodes 139
Exchange: NYXCOIN / BTC: 3.0E-8
NYXCOIN / USD: $0.00

Masternode Profit Simulator

Daily Monthly Yearly
$0.0 $0.2 $2.7
29.53 NYX 885.76 NYX 10,776.69 NYX
0.000000886 BTC 0.000026573 BTC 0.000323301 BTC

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Masternodes Windows Guide

Masternodes Linux Guide

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