NYX Masternode Setup Guide for Hot wallet Windows

Single masternode on local PC (Windows 10)
*Must have external IP address rented



  1. A local computer running under Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (x64 only) and working 24/7
  2. 1001 or more NYX as collateral (1000 NYX + 1 NYX to cover the transaction fees).
  3. NYX wallet for windows.
  4. External IP address. Rent it from your internet service provider.

To do:

  1. Install control wallet for windows and make nyx.conf and maternode.conf files
  2. Start masternode
  3. Install Sentinel

1. Install control wallet for windows

a) Go to https://www.nyxcoin.org/download and download wallet for your windows.

b) Unpack it (I advise you to unpack it to D:\NYX folder)

c) Create DATABASE folder inside D:\NYX folder

d) Launch nyx-qt.exe

Project Image

e) It will offer to choose data directory. Select “Use a custom data directory” and select D:\NYX\DATABASE folder (it will be more comfortable for future use)

Project Image

f) As soon as wallet start go to SETTINGS -> OPTIONS -> WALLET and check “Show Masternodes Tab”. Press OK.

g) Close Nyx core and open again. You will see MASTERNODES tab. Wait for Synchronizing finish.


i) Type: getaccountaddress masternode
(It’s your masternode address, copy it to notepad, you should send exactly 1000 coin to that address)

j) Type: masternode genkey
(Your “masternodeprivkey”, copy that key to notepad, you will need it later)

Project Image

k) Close debug console

l) To the left corner of wallet application press FILE -> RECEIVING ADDRESSES

Project Image

*NOTE: It’s sample addresses. Don’t sent here! Send to your addresses.

m) SEND 1001 NYX or more from exchange to first address labeled as “(no label)”

n) When coins come and you can see it in your wallet - send 1000 NYX exactly to address labeled as “masternode” (exactly 1000coins, don’t try to send coins from exchange to “masternode” address directly. You will unable to send exactly 1000 from exchange).

Project Image

o) It will appear as “Payment to yourself” and minus commission only. That is ok. Wait for 15 confirmations. It will take about 30 minutes. To check confirmations just double click on transaction.

Project Image

p) Go to TOOLS -> DEBUG CONSOLE and type: masternode outputs

Project Image

q) Copy text only to notepad without quotes and brackets. It will be your collateral_output_txid and collateral_output_index

r) Open TOOLS -> Open Masternode Configuration File

s) To the bottom of text you should paste your data(divided by spaces):

Masternodename - any you want
IP:port – Your VPS IP address and port 4330(port is fixed for all)
masternodeprivkey – You got it from step #1-j
collateral_output_txid – first part of masternode outputs
collateral_output_index – second part of masternode outputs (usually 1 or 0)

Project Image

* Last string is example how it must be looks like, don’t copy my text but insert your data!
* You will get ip address after deployment your VPS, so you can enter it later. Port is 4330

t) Save changes and leave masternode.conf file opened, because we need IP address.

u) Go to TOOLS -> Open Wallet Configuration File

v) You should change RPCUSER(any unique username) and RPCPASSWORD(any unique strong password). Copy whole blue text to notepad, change only red text with your data and paste it in nyx.conf file.


Project Image

2. Start masternode

a) Open windows wallet again

b) Wait for full sync

c) Open Masternodes tab -> My masternodes -> Start all

d) Your status will become “PRE_ENABLED” and after 30-60min it will be changed to “ENABLED”

e) Sometimes you should wait for 1-2 hours for your masternode sync with another nodes and become ready for starting, if it not start immediately don’t worry, just try a little bit later.

f) It doesn’t need to hold your Windows wallet opened all the time. Just close it.

g) You can open wallet and relaunch you node if your masternode status is “NEW_START_REQUIRED”

h) Don’t worry if status is “WATCHDOG_EXPIRED”. It will go back to “ENABLED” in 30-60 minutes.

Project Image

3. Install Sentinel

a) a) Download Sentinel from https://github.com/nyxpay/sentinel/releases/download/v1.1.0/sentinel-win64.zip

b) Unpack it to D:\NYX and go to sentinel folder

c) Right button click on “run_sentinel.bat” and select “Edit”

Project Image

d) On the opened window DELETE all text and paste the following blue text:
sentinel-win64.exe --config=D:\NYX\DATABASE\nyx.conf

Project Image

e) Save changes and close file

f) Double click “run_sentinel.bat” and wait 30 seconds or press “1” on keyboard.

Project Image

* Green is ok! If it doesn’t start, try to “Run as administrator”. Don’t close sentinel window, just minimize it.

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